Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mamma Mia, the Movie

I have the songs, I’ve seen the stage production, now I’ve watched the movie. My reactions are disjointed, so I’ll bullet-list them randomly:
· I miss Greece! (That’s Greece the country, not Grease the musical.)
· Definitely best on the big screen.
· Fabulous music.
· Isn’t it amazing that the original songs hardly needed any word changes to fit perfectly around a plot?
· Ok, so the plot was a bit thin unless you are used to romance books and Meg Ryan movies.
· If you’re a woman, you’ll probably like it. Leave your man at home unless he’s an Abba fan. Take the children if they’re under 10 or over 16 (there are a few lewd allusions in the movie).Did I mention that I miss Greece.

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