Thursday, October 16, 2014

Lee Child - Jack Reacher 19 - PERSONAL

It's my dream to meet Lee Child one day and to ask him why he writes some Jack Reachers in the first person. There's no judgement in this question: I don't think the first person reads any better or worse than the third person, but my analytic and almost obsessive-compulsive mind needs to understand Lee's decision-making process, even if it's simply spinning a coin. Spinning a coin I'll accept. A vague "oh, I don't know, it just came out that way" will not fly with me.

So, anyway. PERSONAL is written in the first person (no, I won't accept a glib "because it's personal", either), and it's brilliant.



Don't believe any review that doesn't love it.

Oh, you want to know the blurb? Sure. Reacher is engaged by the USA army to track down one of the four snipers who may be planning to kill all of the world's major presidents. Some people may think that's actually not such a bad idea, to reduce the number of politicians, but Reacher is one of the good guys, so he accepts the task. This takes him to Paris and London. Go there with him. You won't regret it.

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Hooligween said...

Thanks for the review.
Great to hear such positive comment - am saving Personal for holiday read when I can devour it in a single sitting and totally indulge myself...

You might like this short story, written by my fella. It's been compared to something like Reacher, although that was hardly international!