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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Time Fall by Timothy Ashby

TIME FALL by Timothy Ashby is a speculative novel of what-if and time travel. What if a group of USA soldiers fighting in World War Two got carried forward in time to the present day? What if they parachuted out of their plane in April 1945 but landed in today's Germany? What if they set about carrying out their military sabotage without realising they are now living in the distant future? What if they meet Nazi officers who've grown old and frail? What if they cross paths with Islam terrorists?

One of the features of a good book is that it means different things to different readers. The message I got from TIME FALL is the poignant observation how futile war is. Governments send our young men on missions to kill other young men, they send them to destroy cities and ruin the countryside, they send them to bring about chaos and tragedy. Sometimes the young men come back, damaged forever by the things they've seen. Sometimes they don't come back at all. It may be a comfort to imagine that - like the characters in TIME FALL - they have simply been transported to the future and are stuck there, perhaps a bit bewildered and confused, but at least still alive.

Here is my favourite non-spoiler quote from the book:

... the horrors experienced by teenage boys who had been drafted to “defend America against international communism.” Like all those dead and maimed boys he had known in ‘Nam. And now half the fucking crap for sale at Walmart was from Vietnam and the other half was from “communist” China. Shaking his head, he left the office and walked down the street to a Frank & Stein.

And here is some information about TIME FALL:

Publisher – Author Planet Press
June 2013

ISBN-10 1481026674
ISBN-13 978-1481026673

Filled with historically accurate details, Time Fall is a complex military tale that keeps readers riveted through every surprising twist. Read an excerpt and to enter to win a FREE copy of Time Fall, visit For your copy, visit You can also get your copy at all major book retailers.

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