Thursday, July 08, 2010

"The bride will keep her name"

"The bride will keep her name" by Jan Goldstein (that's a male version of "Jan") is an interesting book, and I don't mean "interesting" in a euphemistically negative sense.

From a reader's perspective, it's a romantic suspense with more emphasis on the suspense bit, which is refreshing. While the romantic bits are almost too sugary in their perfection, you can almost forgive them in view of the imperfection that's to come. The twisty bits of the plot are also fun. My biggest disappointment was insufficient sleuthing. while I understand not all brides-to-be have detective skills, surely some basic questions should have occurred to her, like "How does the adversary know where I am and what I said in the ladies' room" and "Why is he doing this?" which neatly translates into "Who will benefit?"

From a writer's POV, the points of note include:
  • The hardcover was published by Shaye Areheart Books who subsequently got restructured out of Crown Publishing. (The paperback has been picked up by another imprint of theirs, though.)
  • How unusual is it for a man to write romances?

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