Thursday, June 10, 2010

Live up to your potential

Book Review
"Glamour Girl from the Stars" by Carlton Scott
Children's Fiction

The first thing I noticed about "Glamour Girl from the Stars" was the very pink cover with a hand-drawing of an alien stepping out of her space ship. It's clearly meant to look like a child's drawing, not like a super-realistic computer generated graphic, and yet the green bald alien is clearly female, with a body language full of attitude.

The beautiful visuals continue throughout the book as they illustrate the alien girl's journey. From the stars straight into Dinosaur Era (you have to see the dinosaurs!), fast forward to 2010 right into Area 51 (a nice touch for the adults), then on to Waikiki, China, Rome.

When she finally arrives at the Miss Universe Pageant, she can't believe the number of hungry earth girls she sees there. The book's moral about self-confidence and living up to your potential is a lovely touch.

The author has kindly answered my questions about his drawing technique. Please see the next post.

Scott has dedicated his life to working with children, both as a nurse and mental health worker. He has written and illustrated three picture books for children. As part of his commitment to supporting children’s health, he donates 50 percent of all profits from his books to children’s hospitals across the country. He created his newest book, Glamour Girl from the Stars, to foster self acceptance in young girls.

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