Thursday, December 10, 2009

Excerpt from "The Hanukkah Time Capsule"

While we're waiting, here is an excerpt from "The Hanukkah Time Capsule" by Yvonne Walus, about to be published by Echelon Press:

“Get on with it,” snarled the Anti-Knowledge Warden. “Open the damned time capsule! Let’s see what precious information your Grandmother has left for you to abuse.”

Esther chewed the end of her dark braid. The fear which she had learnt to accept in the last few years, burnt sour in her stomach. Escape, she needed to escape from it all. Briefly, she wondered which of her so-called friends had reported the legacy her Grandmama had left -

The mind stunner glinted in the Warden’s hand. “Do it now, or -”

“Yes, sir,” muttered Esther. The words scratched her suddenly constricted throat, got muffled by the nibbled braid. She would do anything to avoid being zapped. Mind stunners left permanent marks: gaps in memory, holes in the logical processing. Some people claimed they could even alter the victim’s personality. Judging by Nathaniel’s latest behaviour, she wouldn’t be surprised… after his encounter with a mind stunner, he was simply not the same person she had married.

Esther turned her eyes to the Warden, trying to hold the fear back. “If you allow me, sir, I need to switch on the computer, please.”

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