Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Thriller... no, not the Michael Jackson song!

I never used to read thrillers. They used to be thick books written by men who liked ticking bombs, political plots and weapons of destruction (mass or otherwise). They used to be thick books written by men who thought saving a nation was more important than saving a five year old girl the readers have come to know and love. They used to be BORING.

Thriller authors must have realised that they were writing for a very narrow market (after all, there are a lot more female than male readers out there), and subsequently they adapted.

Regular readers of this blog will already know about my love for Harlan Coben books (not to mention his Win creation), so today I'm going to talk about somebody not quite so famous, but equally good: a contemporary South African thriller writer, Deon Meyer.

Meyer writes in Afrikaans, and even though my command of the language is not perfect, I love the books so much I refuse to wait for the translations, so I read the originals. But translations exist and sell well. Have a look on amazon for... hand on, let me check what the English title is... something about the hunter... ah, yes, Heart of the Hunter.

Buy it.

Read it.

Go back for the other titles. They are worth it.

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