Thursday, June 26, 2008

The tale of one woman and her G&T

I have a live-in babysitter this week, which means - potentially - 6 glorious evenings of carefree going out with the father of my children in an attempt to reconnect as a couple.

Night 1, Sunday: all the good restaurants are closed. Movie-wise, my husband is not keen on "Sex and the City", while I'm not keen on "Prince Caspian". We could go to a bar for a drink, but it's raining, so I pour myself a home-made G&T.

Night 2, Monday: Ditto for restaurants and movies. Besides, I'm exhausted and I have a novel to edit. I pour myself a home-made G&T.

Night 3, Tuesday: My monthly book club meeting. By the time I get home, I pour myself a home-made G&T.

Night 4, Wednesday: The school's Board of Trustees meeting. I pour myself a home-made G&T before I leave the house.

Night 4. Thursday: The restaurant I really really really want to go to is fully booked today and tomorrow. And I'm heartily sick of G&T.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Wahahaha! I'm still working my way through the bottle of Bombay Sapphire David gave me for my birthday. But listen, Prince Caspian is really quite entertaining...
Cheers, man. Time to move on to Spiced Gold and Coke, het :-)

Lotsa love,