Thursday, October 04, 2007

Wits' End Before Breakfast

I've just finished reading a book that doesn't exist. All right, I suppose it's not such an outrageous statement to make when you're a novelist. What's surprising is that the book is not written by me nor any of my friends.

It has an ISBN number and a publisher (Lothian Books, Australia). But look up Emma Robertson's "Wits' End Before Breakfast (Confessions of a Working Mum)" on Amazon, and you draw a big zero. And if it ain't listed on Amazon.... [see footnote].

Googling the book produces a link to with a note "Out of stock", a link to one bookshop in Australia, a link to ebay and to a single review in an air force magazine. That's all.

(In contrast, if you were to google "Murder @ Work" for example, you'd get pages of relevant hits.)

Anyway, it's a good book and a fun, humorous read. Every mother should read it, if only to feel smug about the fact that others have it worse.

Far - faaaaaaaaaaaar - worse.

[Footnote: Everything you read on Amazon is true, of course. So have a look at my latest poetry collection, Erato, yours for a mere £1,096.99.]

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