Thursday, June 28, 2007

Dresden Files

June was my “finish the damned novel” month, so I set myself a target of 1000 words a day and, as the result, didn’t get much reading or watching done.

Apart from “Dresden Files”, that is, when I needed a break from my typescript.

“Dresden Files” is a TV series about a wizard named Harry (sic!) Dresden. Harry is a Chicago police consultant, called in whenever the murder case looks unconventional (for example, if the murder weapon was black magic). So far so good. But Harry is not an alpha male, so even though he may look cute, he’s not sexy, and there is only so much of a TV program you can watch if the sexiest bod it contains is that of a ghost who’s trapped in his own scull.

The plot is skinny at best, there are continuity errors as big as from here to the moon and back (possibly because the series was not screened in order) and the stakes are negligible.

So why do I watch it? Two reasons:
1. It’s wonderfully non-addictive - a quality I’ve come to admire in displacement activities. (The other day we had a power outage in the middle of the episode, and I didn’t mind having to stop watching at all.)
2. The TV series is based on books. If those got published, then my own are going to be on the NY Times bestseller list next year this time!

(STOP PRESS: Apparently the novels are much better. Check out: Also, having now watche dthe last 3 episodes of the series, I must admit, they're a huge improvement on the preceding few.)

Which reminds me. “Interview with a Dragon” is coming out as Echelon Press’s Spotlight e-book. Check it out on after 1 July.

And wish me luck submitting my typescript.


Zarina said...

I agree that the books are pretty awesome! I actually found them through the TV Dresden Files (TDF). Now, however, I'm helping in the campaign to Save TDF! Our petition has over 1,400 signatures & the Raffle is doing really well in raising funds for the campaign. We appreciate any & all help! So if you'd like to pitch in, our website is and if you have questions, pop onto the forum & we'll be more than happy to answer them!

Yvonne Eve Walus said...

I've signed the petition...

Yvonne Eve Walus

Author of "Interview with the dragon" - now on Fictionwise.