Thursday, May 03, 2007

Things your mother never told you about sex

In a recent author interview, I was asked about the things that my mother never told me about sex. Well, we were talking about writing sex, so the question was appropriate.

That got me thinking. The things that my mother never told me about sex could fill an erotica novel. My dad, bless him, told me a beautiful stork story: if the stork drops the baby outside face up, the baby will look at the sky and have blue eyes, but if the baby lies face down in the grass, its eyes will be green. "Brown?" I wanted to know. "Down the chimney." The first time he mentioned sex in a conversation with me was when I was married for several years.

My mother never told me much about sex, either. When I was five or six, I gathered up the courage to tell her that my friends have already told me the facts of life.
"And do you want to ask me any questions?" she replied to my news. "I can explain whatever's not clear. I bet I know more about it than your friends."
Apparently I thought for a moment, only to ask: "Can you do it in the bath?"
"Sure can," she said. "It's probably uncomfortable, though."

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