Monday, February 27, 2017

The Girl Before

If you like thrillers, read "The Girl Before" by JP Delaney (pseudonym). It pulls you right in and doesn't let go, not even after the last page.

And do yourself a favour: don't read the blurb. Don't read any other reviews until you're done with the book. Let the plot unfold around you, let yourself guess what it's about. You won't be sorry.

(For those of you who've read it, scroll down.)


Please don't read further until you've read the book.

So, here's the full review, or rather, my main thoughts:
  • I was blown away to discover the author is male: I thought the two main characters were written authentically and believably.
  • Full disclosure: I loved, loved, loved the house. What does that say about me?
  • Surprisingly, I didn't guess the culprit's identity. Always a refreshing thing for me.
  • At the end, I still don't know whether Emma had lied about the video. I like that it's not resolved, given that Simon could have been lying.
  • The ending moved me to tears. And then I found out about the author's own children.

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